Storage: décor (née Willow) Classique Tubs

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décor Classique storage tubs are great

Organising all my junk treasures I have of course delved deeply into the world of the best way to store all this stuff, in a way that I can find and access it, it's still a journey (I need an index) but I thought I'd share some of the things that work for me.

First up are décor (née Willow) Classique storage tubs. Compared to any other clear tub I have seen or used these are the best, they are tough, don't seem to become brittle and shatter, stack well even when loaded up fairly heavy, and the handles make them pretty easy to carry. The lids stay on very well for having no moving parts, but they won't tolerate much upward force from inside.

décor Classique 20l storage tub

There are three lid sizes and tubs with the same size lid nest when empty (the lids nest as well), the 20l and 30l tubs share the same lid, then a 45l and a 65l (there used to be a 32l half-height that shared a lid with the 65l size but that disappeared a few years ago sadly).

The current colour is a grey tint, but there has been purple and light-blue at least in the past.

The downsides are the size of the lip at the top, and the somewhat awkward RoundRect shape for fitting things inside that are square. And get the stickers off promptly if you want to, they get harder and harder to remove with time.

I use them for tools, camera and computer gear, cables and adapters, kitchen stuff, boat bits and a whole lot of other stuff, they are not so great for books, CDs &c. I have other solutions for them that I will share in the future.

They used to be sold at Bunnings, but it seems the storage tub range there has descended into mediocrity.

I get mine now from Mitre 10 but they also seem to be available at Spotlight.

They are branded décor now but were Willow branded in the past, it seems they moved when Marlin Brands acquired décor and then Willow.

This is the first in a series on the storage solutions that work for me.